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Welcome to the Koʻolau Gazette

The Koʻolau Gazette was founded to give the people of Windward Oahu a voice, a public forum, and unbiased news. There is a plethora of platforms where some parts of this vision exist. For example, there are well intentioned Facebook groups where people can share updates about the causes for which they are protesting, current traffic and other localized updates, including surf conditions. There are also news sources such as the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Hawaii Public Radio, and Hawaii News Now which all have their place on the grand informational ether. But Koʻolau Gazette brings all those other sources full circle. This site and its accompanying media platform will reflect the way we get our media today, the stories we want to hear when we want to hear them, bringing forth the voices of the people in a centralized, balanced and open format.

We have seen a myriad of examples of both biased and unbiased, left and right, honest and dishonest coverage of the issues that affect all of us, trying to persuade us one way or another. But more and more it seems that the bad actors in the industry have been able to assimilate the traits we once held dear and are now able to disseminate information akin to wolves in sheep’s clothing. We have seen well researched material, and opinion pieces hiding under the guise of fact-based journalism. We have seen beautiful portrayals of the Hawaiian history and culture, and we have seen misguided attempts to claim this understanding by people who have never stepped foot in these beautiful islands. We want the stories we publish to reflect the best of all that exceptional journalism has to offer but without all the pitfalls. How do we achieve this? Journalism by the people, and for the people of this spectacular place, with love and care in the acquisition, editing, publishing and consumption of information. Anyone may submit a piece and have the opportunity to be published on this platform, but know that only valid and verifiable, factual and empirical material will be published.

There will, however, be space for thoughtful position pieces. For example, interviews will provide a forum and a voice in which to hear from leaders, friends, and neighbors. Additionally, opinion pieces, both short and long form, will be solicited on the topics that matter most to the people of the Koʻolau region. In this way we can have a forum for rigorous and constructive debate, but with respect at its epicenter. We will not be creating an echo chamber for one voice to be heard on repeat, but rather a place for thought and introspection to rise and shine, where one should be open and ready for new or differing thoughts in order to get the most out of a dialogue, where preconceived notions can be shaped and compromise can lead to optimal outcomes.

However, a key component to all of this is the unedited members forum where thoughts on every topic, within the bounds of the user guidelines, may be shared. Simply sign-up on the safe and secure platform and tell the world what matters to you and what you sincerely think. The topics that appear in the forum will surely become important sources to drive the topics of future published articles and opinion pieces affecting all denizens of Koʻolau.

The founders, journalists and moderators of Koʻolau Gazette are grateful for the opportunity, the knowledge, and the resources to provide this platform to our community. Above all, it is our love for this place and its people that drives us. With your help, our dream of broadening and enhancing the dialogue on the issues that affect us to ultimately help us all succeed can be achieved together with the betterment of all who participate.

We look forward to learning and growing with you.

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